Visiting a church for the first time can be intimidating.

We get that.

That’s why we put this page together… so you can be comfortable when you make your first visit to our community.

Our Worship Service


We frequently journey through the seasons and celebrations of the liturgical calendar, but our service is more traditional than liturgical.  We sing hymns from a hymnal accompanied usually by piano and/or organ although sometimes we use other instruments as well.  We follow a pretty consistent order of worship each week.  Because of this consistency, you’ll never have to worry about not knowing what to expect from one week to the next.

We invite participants to stand for certain hymns, prayers, and responsive readings.  But not everyone does.  Some folks are more comfortable sitting and that’s perfectly OK too.

We gather a weekly offering.  Please don’t feel obligated to put any money in the offering basket.  Our members pledge to financially support the church and its ministries, and not every member contributes on a weekly basis.  Nobody will think anything of it if you simply pass the offering basket along.

We celebrate Holy Communion (The Lord’s Supper) once each month on the first Sunday.  We practice open communion and everyone is invited to receive communion here.

Our table is open to everyone.


Our Congregation

Diverse, relaxed.

We’re a small community (less than 100 people) and most of our members are retired blue-color workers.  A few dress somewhat formally and will wear skirts or dresses or slacks and dress shoes.  Many wear jeans and sneakers.  Some of our members are working professionals or tradespeople.  Some are young and just starting out in life.  Some are elderly. Some have special needs or disabilities.  Some are recently retired or thinking about retirement while others are in the prime of their careers.  Some were homemakers and raised big families, others have always lived alone.  In short, we’re a really diverse group.

We’ll shake your hand and thank you for stopping by, but we’ll never ask you to stand or be recognized as a visitor.  Whether you want to introduce yourself to everyone you meet, or simply slip in and out, we’ll just be thankful for your visit.

No pressure.

We invite you to be comfortable.

Our Building

Off-street parking is available behind our building (on Ferguson Ave, across from the Wood River Public Library).  Most folks enter from this direction, using the double doors near the flag pole.  An elevator is also available at this entrance.

Street parking is available on the front and sides of the building.  Entering the front of the church (from Lorena Ave) involves climbing several stairs.

Coat racks and restrooms are located near each entrance.

Families with Young Children

Children are always welcome in our worship services and we’re very happy to see families worship together.  A furnished cry room (with speaker system and observation window) allows parents and caregivers to participate in worship while rocking, feeding, playing with and/or soothing a young child.


Navigate to our church, using Google Maps, by clicking here.  Our church is very easy to access using Madison County Transit (MCT) public transportation and is conveniently located by walking, cycling, or driving in the old Downtown neighborhood of Wood River.